What is a Bad Idea?

Paul Arden en su libro “Whatever you think, think the opposite”, nos da una pista al respecto.

“Ideas are a matter of taste.

What is a good idea to some can be bad or boring to others.

A good idea is a clever solution to a problem, one that I have never seen before.

But if an idea is not taken up and used as a solution to a problem it has no value.

It becomes a non-idea.

Lying in a drawer it is useless.

Worse than useless, it’s a complete waste of space.

Ideas have to be applied before they are recognized as good ideas.

Even a bad idea executed is better than a good idea undone.

The longer it is used the better the idea is considered to be.

That is why the wheel is reckoned to be the best idea ever.”

Buena semana para todos.



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