What is meant by the word ‘creative’?

The word ‘creative’ is the currency with which ad agencies operate.

Without it there are no agencies.

It will feature heavily in any brief.

But what is meant by the word ‘creative’?

It means something completely different to each client.

To one it may mean, ‘I want the same as my competitors but different’.

To another it may be as simple as wanting a new jingle.

To another it means. ‘Give me the same as we’ve had for the last twenty years, but no quite.’

99% will want something that they recognize from experience.

It has been alleged that Procter & Gamble’s maxim is ‘Creativity with a Precedent’

Only one in ten thousand will really mean, ‘Give me something I haven’t seen before.’

So, before you make your pitch, find out exactly what your client means by the word ‘creative’.

It’s probably different from your definition.

Paul Arden. “It’s Not How Good You Are. It’s How Good You Want To Be”.



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